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Day at the Strip was a hit in October 
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This years event brought in 40 Autocross participants to the Mid American Air Center located in Lawrenceville, IL.  The weather was close to perfect on Saturday October 13, 2012.  The Autocross started at 10am and lasted until 4pm.  The course was long and competitive.  With only 6 tenths of a second determining the winners.  We divided our autocross into 2 groups, Old class and New class, and we are representing the age of the car here not the driver...  
 I would like to mention the Top 3 in both categories.
Old Class
1.  Billy Utley       -  driving a 72 Nova had his fastest time at 40.204
2. Bret Voelkel   - driving the Ridetech 33 Ford with his fastest time at 40.789
3. Tom McBride - driving the Ridetech 48 hr camaro ran a 40.839 for his fastest time

New Class
1. Paul Gibson      -    driving a Black RX-8 got his fastest time at 40.820
2. Casey Szink     -    driving a Subaru WRX got a 42.682 as his fastest lap around
3. Mark Golovin    -   driving a Camaro came in with a 42.824 as his fastest

Autocross Winner Billy Utley gets his picture taken with Lawrenceville's Mayor Brian Straub.
Autocross Winner Paul Gibson was not able to get his picture taken with his award but we would like to Congratulate him as well.  
Congrats to both our Autocross Winners!

Cruise to Borowiak's IGA & Fun on the City Square

This year we decided to have our annual cruise from Mid American Air Center up to Borowiak's IGA.  The DC Dawgs were cooking some serious rib-eye sandwiches, trying to raise money for their upcoming trip to Washington DC this winter.  We also tried something new, in conjunction with the City of Lawrenceville we arranged an antique tractor show up on the square that happened early on on Saturday.  Up on our city square we had local vendors selling products and food, we had a beer garden and live entertainment, Thank You Mayor Struab for commitment to our event and for your enthusiastic energy you spread though out our community!
We had tons of door prizes for our car show participants and want to thank all the local and non local business owners for all the wonderful donations that were made to make this event happen.

Drag Racing was canceled due to gusty winds

October may have brought cool weather this year but it also brought in some vicious winds on Sunday.  We had to call off the 1/4 mile drag passes due to mother nature.  We were thankful the rain held off so we got to enjoy  Bud's BBQ lunch a little earlier than expected.
Sunday ended with our usual trophy presentation, more door prize giveaways and our t-shirt launcher t-shirt giveaway.
We are so very thankful for everyone who helped out with the event and to those who came out and participated in the event. 
We couldn't't do it without all our awesome sponsors, helpers, friends & family who are dedicated and work so hard to make this all happen in such a short amount of time.  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Final Results -- By Time

#   CLASS     DRIVER                     CAR         PEN   TOTAL
97   OLD  BILLY UTLEY              72 NOVA                   0  0:40.204
117  OLD  BRET VOELKEL          BLACK 33 FORD       0  0:40.789
110  NEW  PAUL GIBSON            BLACK RX-8             0  0:40.820
118  OLD  TOM McBRIDE             YELLOW CAMARO   0  0:40.839
89   OLD  RICH GREGORY           69 CAMARO             0  0:42.380
98   OLD  DONALD FREISE           32 FORD                  0  0:42.512
101  OLD  TOM FARRINGTON      66 CHEVELLE           0  0:42.602
103  NEW  CASEY SZINK            SUBARU WRX           0  0:42.682
127  NEW  MARK GOLOVIN          WHITE CAMARO      0  0:42.824
94   NEW  BRAD WARD               2002 CAMARO          0  0:42.889

99   NEW  ANGELA FREISE           2012 MUSTANG       0  0:43.285
113  NEW  CHRIS JACOBS            YEL 01 VETTE         0  0:43.379
91   OLD  BOB BERTELSEN            71 CAMARO           0  0:43.774
116  NEW  ANDY CLODFELTER      BLUE MUSTANG    0  0:44.362
92   OLD  MIKE RECKLEY                67 CAMARO          0  0:44.505
85   NEW  JORDAN BUESCHER        NISSAN 350Z       0  0:44.784
100  NEW  HERBERT LUMP              2012 MUSTANG    0  0:44.923
102  OLD  DEBBIE FARRINGTON     64 CHEVY WAGN 0  0:45.237
87   OLD  ERIC EARNEY                    67 CAMARO        0  0:45.560
112  NEW  LYNDA JACOBS             YEL 01 VETTE      0  0:46.063
128  NEW  SCOTT SCHROEDER       RED CHALLENGE  0  0:46.273
115  NEW  CLINT ALLISON              BLACK GTO           0  0:46.347
86   NEW  ERIC ORGAN                  GT500 MUSTANG   0  0:46.457
124  OLD  RICHARD GRAV            ORNG TRIUMPH       0  0:46.497
121  NEW  KYLE BOVEN               WHITE S2000           0  0:46.767
114  NEW  KYLE FERRIELL           YELLOW HONDA     0  0:47.084
126  NEW  ANDY PHIPPS             GREEN MUSTANG    0  0:47.085
119  NEW  JACK SEARS              BLACK GTO             0  0:47.271
130  NEW  HERB BROKHOF         BLUE MIATA             0  0:47.423
125  NEW  HUNTER GREGG         RED MERCEDES       0  0:47.450
150  OLD  MARK BOWLER           GREEN                     0  0:47.488
123  NEW  ALEX YORK                BLACK MUSTANG   0  0:47.872
122  NEW  ALAN WEBSTER          RED MUSTANG       0  0:48.252
111  NEW  JOSHUA PERTZSCH      SLVR GRAND AM  0  0:49.035
129  NEW  BILL SCHROEDER          RED CHALLENGE   0  0:49.802
120  OLD  HENRY PADGETT           GOLD TRANS AM   0  0:52.296
82   OLD  BOB TRACY                    65 MUSTANG           No Times
106  OLD  JIM O'NEAL                     70 EL CAMINO          No Times
107  OLD  KIM TUTHILL                  70 EL CAMINO           No Times


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