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Bowler Performance Introduces The New Night Stick Shifter For The Tremec TKO500/600 and T56 Magnum

Bowler Performance Introduces The New Night Stick Shifter For The Tremec TKO500/600 and T56 Magnum

Performance Shifter

Bowler Performance Transmissions is excited to announce the release of our new line of custom off-set shifters for the Tremec T56 Magnum and TKO 500/600 transmissions. The NightStick line will have options available to replicate the factory 4-speed shift positions of most all popular muscle cars. This allows you the ability to retain the factory console, or avoid cutting additional holes in the transmission tunnel. With the wide range of adjustment we’ve built into the NightStick you can easily assemble a completely custom shift lever position to give you the most comfortable driving experience possible.

Bowler Performance NightStick 1″ offset shifter for 1967 and 70-81 Camaro factory console with Tremec T56 Magnum transmission

The T56 Magnum NightStick shifter arrives finished in a sleek midnight black anodize with the unmistakable Bowler “B” logo etched on top. The T56 Magnum NightStick is an all new design that combines the ball and socket shift stub found on the Viper 6-speed with a completely new base plate configuration that eliminates oil leakage around the shift stub socket. This new design utilizes a wavering with snap-ring retention to keep constant pressure on the ball socket enclosure eliminating the ability for fluid to leak up past the shift stub. The composite ball used on the shift stub creates a smooth feel with no rattle. We then cap the top off with a dust boot to keep out debris. This new design also allowed us to shorten up the shift throw for a quicker response and a more precise shift. The Night Stick is also available for the T56 Magnum Mid-Shift position should you need to move the shift location even farther forward.

T-56 Magnum Mid-Shift Conversion

A lot of Street Rods and bench seat applications require the shifter moved farther forward than the rear plate allows. Converting to a Mid-Shift location gives you the added distance you need to gain the optimum shift location.

Bowler Performance NightStick 2″ Offset Shifter for ’64-’67 Chevelle/ GTO ’62-’74 Chevy II / Nova , Impala with Tremec TKO 500/600

The TKO500/600 Night Stick design is slightly different in the fact that we opted to retain the use of the original Tremec base plate. The TKO transmissions have a proprietary bias spring design used to locate center on the shift rail. We felt that there wasn’t any reason that this needed to be re-invented so we opted to redesign the shift stub pin to allow us an attachment point for the offset shift lever bracket. We pre-assemble and ship you a completely new base plate and stub to ensure that the bias springs are set to the correct pre-load. As of right now this will be the only way we offer the Night Stick option for the TKO500/600.

Night Stick Shifter

One of the biggest benefits of the Night Stick shifter is the ability for nearly any shift lever location. The shift lever attachment stub is fully threaded to allow the shift lever to be bolted on from either side, and the lower portion is an interference fit taper (think balljoint) that accommodates a 360* rotation to achieve that perfect alignment. The offset plate and shift pin also incorporate another level of adjustment with an octagonal pattern to allow for 45* increment adjustments around the center shift pin. This gives you further forward or rear adjustment from the 2 tailhousing shift positions available on both the T56 Magnum and TKO500/600. The shift lever attachment bracket is a fixed height, but we will offer the offset bracket in 1”, 1" x 1/2" back, and 2” lengths which should cover nearly any custom application.

Performance Shifter

The Tremec transmission's internal shift rail comes equipped from the factory with the ability to use the forward or rear shift position by simply rotating the shift plate 180*.

The Night Stick shifter is available as an upgrade we can install on your new Tremec transmission before we ship it, or if you’re tired of dealing with the sloppy, leaking shifter you already have we can send it out as a stand-alone unit ready for install.

If you're in need of a new Tremec TKO or T56 Magnum we have plenty in stock and we can install the new NightStick shifter of your choice on your new transmission. Buy online today and get a billet shift lever, shift knob, and FREE shipping.

Free Bowler Shift lever & knob with Tremec purchase