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  • Best Customer Service

    I just want to say that you guys have one of the best if not the best customer service in the industry.  Between Chester and Mark working with me on my transmission noises to my original order, the twin disc clutch and Tremec TKO-600 trans are doing great now.  I didnt believe you guys when you told me to set the rear pinion angle down to match the motor, it goes against everything you read about driveline angles.  It sounded like parts were scraping together in the transmission and all of a sudden it stopped.  No noises whatsoever anymore, and smooth as could be. Thanks guys, I really do appreciate it.  You even started building me a new transmission to correct the problem I thought I had! I very much appreciate everything.

    - Dan Burko

  • I know it's right!

    It's a night and day difference driving my truck now!! Been to a couple transmission shops trying to get it dialed in, felt right but now i know it's right!

    - Carlos Q.

  • Total cure package

    This is the second total cure package I have purchased. The first was for a 1946 Ford the second for a 1966 Chevelle. Thanks.

    - Roy P.

  • 200-4R Trans in a 38 Chev Street Rod

    I took a T-350 trans out of this car for a customer and installed a Tru-Shift Throttle Correction System 700-R4 / 200-4R. I bought all kinds of brackets but could never get it to shift right. I saw an ad in Street Scene magazine for the Bowler kit. I just installed it and can't believe how much nicer this car is now. I am ordering another one for a 64 Chevelle with a 200-4R in it.

    - Stephen B.

  • Enjoy every day using this shifter

    Awesome quality and superb styling. I put this shifter in my daily driver, and enjoy every day using this shifter.

    - Kent S.

  • Extremely Knowledgeable

    I purchased a complete Bowler Tru-Street 4L80E Performance Transmission & Converter package and couldn’t be happier. The transmission is silky smooth with the perfect shift hardness and the install came together flawlessly. Jeff was extremely knowledgeable and friendly and provided his invaluable guidance with choosing the right combination, shipping was earlier than promised, and the post-sale tech support from Mark and Jeff was top-notch and exceeded my expectations. This company truly cares about their products and needs of their customers. I highly recommend Bowler Transmissions.

    - Vincent G.

  • Best Investment

    After several weeks of shopping for transmission. 

    Bowler transmission is 100% the place to go!

    Customer service is top notch. Amazing products.

    Salesman didn’t oversell, Salesman listened to my needs and sold me only and exactly what I needed. I drove 13 hrs round trip. Best investment. I cannot say enough about how great Bowler Performance Transmissions is!

    - Jeff B.

  • Top-of-the-Line

    You will not find a better company for product and support in the automotive aftermarket industry! Their transmissions are top of the line - they offer custom solutions and Mark’s knowledge and experience allows you to tailor your build to your specific needs. Both Mark and Jessi are two of the most incredibly professional, honest, and kind people we have ever met and we recommend their product to ANYONE!

    - Brittany U.

  • Good stuff!

    I've driven probably 20 or 30 Bowler equipped cars. They all shift smoothly and are extremely reliable. My favorite was an upgraded TKO600. They are nice transmissions from the factory but suffer from terrible gear clash from 3-4. Once Mark and his team did their magic, it would shift 3-4 at nearly 7000 rpm with no trouble whatsoever. Good stuff.

    - Ramey W.

  • Highly Recommend!

    Mark and the team have gone above and beyond installing my 4L60E as well as a complete FiTech fuel injection system on my ‘68 Firebird. Everyone there is very professional and knows their stuff!!! Highly recommend them. The car drives like a dream!! I would go cross country and not have a worry at all. Thank you Bowler Transmissions!!

    - Joe M.

  • Quality Products

    These people are top notch. They not only build quality products but treat their customers as family. Such a nice surprise!

    - Jeff S.

  • Top-Notch

    Bowler is the best place for anything transmission related. I needed a couple transmission parts a few months back and they were able to get more parts over the phone than what was listed on the website. Now that my t56 is installed, I bought the Bowler shifter handle and knob that I've wanted for years. The quality and professionalism at Bowler is top notch!

    - Cory B.

  • 700 R4 Conversion

    I am a classic car shop in CT. I have installed several of these transmissions in cars and always had trouble with the TV cable adjustments. I did them with shift feel, but always skeptical of ruining a customer's transmissions. I saw an ad for this kit in Street Scene magazine and decided to try one. The first one was in a 38 Chevy coupe, street rod. It worked so good I just installed one in a 64 Chevelle with a 383 stroker engine. The results were the same, they both shifted like a normal car.

    - Stephen B.

  • Dual 6AN Hose Organizing Clip

    Great quality hoses. Were perfect to hook up the 4L80 to the radiator in my 71 C20!

    - Raul A.

  • Quality Product: Bellhousing Dial Indicator Plate for the Tremec T-56 Magnum 6-Speed Transmission

    This works perfect for bellhousing alignment and gives a lot of room for dial indicator setup. I would highly recommend it!

    -Robert H.


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