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Corvette TKX shifter

Corvette TKX shifter

The Tremec TKX rollout is in full swing and even though we're still waiting on some of the new models to arrive we've been busy working on new shifter options so that we can still offer you more direct fit options. Our newest design is this low profile side shifter for the C1,C2, & C3 Corvettes. The low profile design allows for fitment in the tunnel without any major modifications and locates the shift lever in the original 4 speed opening for a "factory" look with modern technology.

If you're looking for an easy way to add overdrive to your classic Corvette the new TKX is the perfect design for the swap. With it's streamlined case design and the removal of the mounting bosses on the lower section of the tail housing, there's only the new shifter to be installed for an easy modification free swap. If your Corvette is already equipped with a four speed you can retain the bellhousing, mechanical clutch linkage, and flywheel to simplify the swap and keep it within budget.

We are also currently in production with an alternate version of this Corvette shifter that will place the shift lever farther forward on the tail housing to accommodate the early GM A-body cars to enable the TKX to be a no cut fitment in those cars as well. Keep an eye out for these new shifters to start shipping around the middle to end of April 2021.

In addition to the custom shifter we build for the early Corvettes we also manufacture a crossmember mount specific to these 5 speed installations. It is built as a simple bolt-on replacement for the original Muncie mount and correctly relocates the isolator mount for the TKX & TKO.

This is only one way to complete the conversion and if you're planning an LS swap or even a 6 speed Magnum conversion we can still supply you with many of the different parts you'll need. Check out this hydraulic master cylinder kit we build that mounts from the frame rail rather than the firewall to prevent stress cracking. This is the perfect final touch for anyone looking to modernize their manual conversion.