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Junkyard Power: a 1,000 Horsepower Transmission Rebuild!

Junkyard Power: a 1,000 Horsepower Transmission Rebuild!

Sometimes the best thing for a car nut to do is rebuild a heap of junk into something great! The folks over at the Hot Rod Network certainly know their stuff, so a project like rebuilding a junk transmission to hold a thousand horsepower promises to be an interesting task with great results. With the help of some Bowler Transmissions equipment, they rebuilt a junkyard transmission into a beast to control 1,000 HP!

The Hot Rod team found a 2003 4L80E transmission to upgrade from a piece of junk into a performance masterpiece. They consulted our team here at Bowler Transmissions during the process of boosting this transmission up to a massive 1,000 horsepower. On a prepped track with grip, we found that the torque rating for the transmission Hot Rod Network sourced was around 550 lb.-ft. When quoted on our torque ratings, Mark Bowler pointed out, “We pride ourselves on providing ratings based on a tire hooking up. That’s the biggest determination. An 800hp car with 8-inch-wide street tires, that’s never going to break anything.”

When the Hot Rod team put their new performance transmission together, they needed top-notch components to make sure that the final produce could handle the power they wanted to put down on the tarmac. In order to make this hot rod project a reality, they used a McLeod performance rebuild master kit complete with name-brand gaskets, performance discs, OEM-quality oil seals, and brass filter for better flow and filtration. This kit was upgraded with Kolene steel clutch discs for even more performance capability under high heat and high stress. It also needed a Bowler Transmissions 300M hardened shaft to stand up to 1,000 lb.-ft of torque.

With the parts in hand, the Hot Rod team went to their local builder in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, to turn the junkyard scrap into performance gold. You can turn your own less-than-mint transmission into a performance dream with the help of your own local Bowler Transmissions! Whether you need one of our hardened shafts like Hot Rod Network used, or a full performance kit with all the bells and whistles, we can help get you started on rebuilding the hot rod of your dreams. Contact us today to ask any questions and find out what kind of performance transmission gear you need!