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Mopar Automatics

Mopar Automatics

Chrysler has done a great job of creating a renewed lust for the Hemi engine since it's re-release, and in recent years the introduction of the Hellcat and now Hellephant engines has given Mopar enthusiasts the solution to their thirst for more power.

Having always kinda been the "outcast" the Mopar engines don't get a lot of love when it comes to aftermarket transmissions. Tremec only makes a Ford or GM version of the TKO and Magnum, and even Chrysler's own automatics can't be independently controlled, so for a lot of guys who are wanting these newer engines in older cars, your options may seem limited to what came from the factory.
Well, luckily for all you Hemi lovers out there, Bowler Performance has worked hard at creating transmission packages that fit these engines correctly and give you the ability to utilize all the power they're making. Whether you've picked up a stock 5.7 Hemi or you're now in possession of the new Hellephant we have an option to get you taken care of. We've developed complete automatic and manual transmission packages to cover a range of power levels and driving styles.

If you're looking to go with an automatic, the GM 4L80E is our go to choice. With the addition of some new parts available from Reid Racing and QuickTime we can easily build a 4L80E that will become a direct bolt up behind the GEN 3 engines. You can still go the adapter plate route, but for the cleanest and best connection, we prefer the modified case route with correct bellhousing bolt pattern.

If a manual transmission is what you're after then our Magnum conversion packages will allow you to seamlessly make the connection. We utilize the Quick Time bellhousings along with a GM Magnum to create the best combination we've found to make it all work. This also gives you the option to go with a driver side or passenger side starter which can come in handy depending on how your exhaust and header package will work out. With our Stage 2 and gear ratio upgrades the Magnum option can be tweaked for optimal street and track performance.