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Sadev Racing Sequential Transmission

Sadev Racing Sequential Transmission

I feel like there comes a time for all of us, in this hobby, where we build the car we've always wanted, but once we've settled into it, we start pondering about the next thing we can change to give us a little more power, a little more speed, and a little more edge on the guy lined up next to me. Well, here's one more item to put on that wish list. The SADEV SCL924 fully sequential 6 speed transmission.

The SADEV SCL924 is no joke. Engineered for the most extreme performance with lightning fast shifts (we're talking milliseconds here), a huge selection of gear ratio options, built in oil pump, over 700 lb-ft of engine torque capacity, clutchless shifting, and weighing in at only 83 pounds! This unit is ready to take you to that next level of performance.

If you're not familiar with the SADEV name you're not alone. These transmissions are primarily used in Rally Sport, Drift, Hill Climb, and Circuit racing, however, you may be familiar with Ken Block's Hoonicorn Mustang or the Hoonitruck F100 which both sport an AWD SADEV unit. If they can survive the punishment he puts them through, you know you're good to go.

With the ability to accept a manual shift lever, or use with paddle shifters, the SADEV SCL924 can be customized to fit the type of build you're planning. The onboard flat shift sensor will also integrate into select engine management controllers to enable rev matching for optimum shifting scenarios. It's also important to know that these units are built with straight cut gears and you can expect to hear every ounce of horsepower pulsing through the floorboards on it's way to your rear tires. If you want whisper quiet, buy one of our automatics, but if you want everyone in earshot to know you mean business, then this is the only option.
As you may have noticed, the SADEV does not have a traditional mounting face similar to a 4,5, or 6 speed transmission that most of us are used to using. In an effort to allow this transmission to crossover into the Pro Touring/ Resto-mod world we've been working on several items to help adapt the SADEV SCL924 into any existing build that is currently finished or equipped with an alternative transmission. The adapter plate below will allow the SADEV SCL924 to bolt up to any bellhousing designed to accept a T-56 6-speed transmission. This gives you the ability to install the SADEV SCL924 behind any engine that is currently supported with a T-56 bellhousing, which is pretty much everything.

We've also developed two different manual shift lever attachments which mimic the dimensions of the popular Tremec Magnum and Magnum XL 6 speeds. This further eases the transition from one transmission to another and gives you optimum shift lever placement for older muscle cars, as well as, any newer sports car or import with a RWD drivetrain layout.

The SADEV SCL924 also requires the use of a specialized clutch assembly to achieve those lighting quick shifts at high RPMs. You'll need a lightweight 7.25" clutch kit with lightened flywheel to reduce that rotating mass hanging off your crankshaft and the solution is one of Tilton's race clutches. These can be had in a cera-metallic disc configuration or go all out with one of their carbon disc clutches. Then pair that up with a Tilton hydraulic release bearing for the ultimate drivetrain package to dominate the road course or the roads in your neighborhood. All that's left is for you to up your skill level as a driver. We'll sell you the parts, you bring your A game!