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The new Tilton Racing ST-246 Twin Disc clutch

The new Tilton Racing ST-246 Twin Disc clutch

Although these clutches aren't brand new, we wanted to get some time with them to get a really good grasp of what they are capable of, and some customer feedback before reporting to you on what we've found. First of all, we can tell you that, without a doubt, this new twin disc clutch is awesome! Just opening the box and feasting your eyes on the beautiful design and craftsmanship of this clutch will give you peace of mind that you're about to install one of the best clutches on the market today. It really is almost too nice to cover up with a bellhousing and never see it again. We've been working with Tilton for several years using their hydraulic release bearings and master cylinders for many of our Tremec conversion packages so we were excited when they made the announcement that they were releasing a "street" clutch that would be a good fit for a lot of the conversions we were doing.

If you're not a hardcore racer or an existing user of their products, you may not know about Tilton. Founded in 1972, Tilton Engineering has been designing and building some of the highest quality racing components found in many different types of motorsports. Tilton racing clutches are world renowned for their performance and reliability, winning championships in nearly every form of motorsport worldwide, including F1, NASCAR, IMSA, IndyCar, SCCA, Formula Drift and SCORE. Tilton produces a wide range of driveline and brake components, in-cockpit controls and starter motors. Tilton has now applied their nearly 50 years of experience in racing clutches to develop the ST-246 line of twin disc clutch kits for the high-performance street market.

ST-246 clutches were designed from the ground up as a true performance twin disc clutch. Featuring an aluminum clutch cover that shares technology from Tilton’s line of OT- Series racing clutches, ST-246 clutches feature heavy duty straps that attach the pressure plate and floater plate to minimize noise. ST-246 clutches are available with either sprung-hub organic discs for street applications or solid-hub cerametallic discs for street/strip applications.

We've been receiving a lot of good feedback from those who have installed and used this clutch, and along with our own personal experience here, we can confidently recommend this clutch as a viable option for nearly every Tremec conversion. The quality is top notch, and the drive-ability of the organic disc unit is super smooth. Currently the applications are somewhat limited to just a few engines, but as of this writing, Tilton is in the process of finishing development on a unit for the Gen 3 Hemi style engines to capture the popularity of the Hellcat and Hellephant engines.

In addition to the new offerings from Tilton we are also still big fans of the McLeod, RAM, and Centerforce clutches we offer. We feel each company offers a unique approach to their products and it allows us the opportunity to offer you the best clutch for your project. Give us a call or email anytime to discuss your project needs and see what we can do for you. Click Here to go directly to our web store to browse our entire clutch selection.