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Transmission Temperature Gauge

Transmission Temperature Gauge

We've not kept it a secret around here how important it is to keep your automatic transmission temperatures in check. Heat is the number one killer of all automatics, and as hard as it is for some of us to accept the fact that we need some way to keep an eye on our fluid temps, we're trying to offer another appealing option. Recently we partnered with our good friends over at Classic Instruments to bring you a classic styled temperature gauge that performs as well as our transmissions. The new gauge fits a 2" opening and is 2.5" deep, includes the temp sensor, wiring, hardware, and is available in a black or white face.

We totally understand if one of these gauges still doesn't fit your interior design scheme, and that's ok, but not paying attention to your transmission temperatures is not ok. We also offer a simple LED indicator that can serve as your guide to keeping tabs on what's going on down below. The Transmission Guardian can let you know via a series of color changes in the LED whether or not you're in the safe zone. This LED indicator can easily be mounted anywhere in the interior of the vehicle where it will be seen in your field of vision.

If you still don't like either of those options reach out to the guys at Classic Instruments, they have the ability to make darn near anything with a needle on it. We're sure they'll be able to outfit you with any color or style of temperature gauge you can dream up. But, please, for the love of everything transmissions, keep an eye on your transmission temperatures!