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  • Builder

    Troy Trepanier

  • Transmission

    Bowler 4L80E

  • Engine

    526ci Keith Black block

  • Brakes


  • Wheels

    Circle Racing

  • Tires


1966 Plymouth Belvedere

Just like in many great builds, there’s a lot of history behind how this 1966 Plymouth Belvedere came to be. Its final form was built by
Troy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy for owner David Meyer. In high school, David’s father had a love for the Hemi Belvedere, and David’s first car in high school ended up being a 1966 Belvedere. Flash forward to later in David’s life where he decided he wanted to build a true 426 Hemi car.

So he ended up purchasing this Plymouth Belvedere on Ebay, but it was nowhere near the quality hot rod that David dreamed of. In fact, he was able to purchase it for just $5,000 because it had been rolled, stripped, and practically left to die. He knew it would take someone amazing to bring this car back to life and he eventually found the perfect person for the job: Troy Trepanier.

They got to work on making a car that Troy could both race and proudly show off. So for the engine they went with a 526ci Keith Black Hemi with a pair of TNX45 Turbonetics turbos hidden under the back end. As for racing the car, the whopping 1,100 horsepower will surely do the job. The car is also equipped with a Bowler built 4L80E transmission, Michelin-wrapped 18-inch Circle Racing wheels, and Wilwood disc brakes.

The interior is classic to the Rad Rides style, which is a beautiful mix of classic style and new technology. Its leather-wrapped three spoke
wheel sits in a Racepack dash with Classic Instruments gauges and a Vintage Air system. They cleverly hid a rear camera in the rear view mirror to make reversing this masterpiece much easier. So whats in store for this 1966 Plymouth Belvedere? In an interview with Hotrod.com, David said “It’s not going to sit in a garage. It’s going to get driven.”