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Billy Utley

Product Designer / Fabricator

With an Associate Degree in Science from Oakland University, complemented by additional coursework in Photography and Machining, Billy's educational background laid the foundation for his passion and expertise. Hailing from Ortonville, Michigan, his journey to join us has been a remarkable one. With two decades of experience in the aftermarket car building and fabrication arena, Billy has dedicated his career to crafting exceptional hot rods and installing innovative solutions that enhance the drivability and enjoyment of these classic vehicles for his clients.

Although Billy joined the company full-time approximately six months ago, his association with Mark and the Bowler team spans over a decade. It was at the 2012 Midwest Muscle Car Challenge, hosted by Mark and Jessi, that Billy had the opportunity to discuss transmission solutions for customer needs with Mark himself.

Immediately recognizing Bowler's unwavering commitment to quality, which aligned perfectly with his own principles, Billy made the decision to exclusively use Bowler transmissions and components moving forward. Over the years, their professional relationship blossomed into a cherished friendship, ultimately leading to the decision to combine their visions of products and services to elevate the industry.

When asked about his favorite hot rod, Billy's affection for the 1969 Camaro and the third-generation Nova shines through, as these iconic models ignited his passion for the automotive world. However, it is the people within the industry that truly captivate Billy's admiration.

In his own words, "The best aspect of our industry is hands down the people. If it wasn't for all the great people, it would be near impossible to do what we do. You start out in this industry for the cool hot rods, but you quickly learn that it's the people that you stay in the industry for, and the cars/trucks are just the bonus."