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Jessi Bowler

COO / Vice President / Event Coordinator / Online Sales

Before we get to the love story...Meet Jessi, our COO, VP, Event Coordinator, and so much more. Before working here Jessi received a bachelors in sociology and worked at an agency that offered services that helped older adults live independently in their own homes and communities. When asked how she ended up here at Bowlers, she said....

“I Married the Boss...

I'll never forget the day I lost reverse gear in my trusty old Oldsmobile Bravada. That clunker had seen better days, but it was my daily driver, and I loved it like a blind one eyed cat. When the transmission started acting up, I knew I needed to get it fixed fast.

I decided to take it to Bowler's Transmission Shop since they had worked on it before, it was my mom’s old car. Little did I know that a simple transmission repair would change the course of my entire life!

A few months went by and one day, I got a call from the owner himself, Mark Bowler.

"I was wondering if you might want to grab dinner sometime? To discuss...transmissions and stuff?"

I must have sounded like a blubbering fool, but I somehow managed to say yes. Mark and I met up at a little Italian place downtown, and I'm pretty sure we talked about literally anything other than transmissions that night.

We hit it off immediately, bonding over our shared love of sno-cones, heavy metal music and dad jokes...that last one might just be me.

Fast forward 1 year later and Mark proposed to me in the most fitting way possible - by hiding the ring inside the bell housing of a newly rebuilt transmission! I said yes, of course.

These days, you can find us working side-by-side, making goofy jokes while swapping out clutch packs. I never could have predicted that losing reverse gear in my old Bravada would completely shift the gears of my life. But I'm forever grateful that the transmission issue sent me through the doors of Bowler's Transmission Shop.”

Jessi has now been here for 12 years. She is a HRIA & SEMA member, loves to workout every morning, and she is in some secret perfume groups where they split bottles and mail them to fragrant fanatics all around the world. When asked what her favorite part of the industry is she said,

“The people. I’ve never been involved with more caring, passionate and entertaining people than car people... They really are the best thing about the industry, the cars are fun to look at but the relationships are the real reason we all have jobs. I also love working on rebuilding carburetors.”

Her favorite cars would be the 59 El Camino, 63 Plymouth Belvedere, Porsche 911 Turbo S, Gran Turismo Maserati, and of course that trusty old Oldsmobile Bravada will always hold a special place in her heart.