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Mark Bowler

CEO / Tech / Transmission Builder / Product Development
Mark Bowler, CEO and Founder of Bowler Performance Transmissions, is a true visionary in the world of high-performance transmissions. His journey began in Lawrenceville, IL, where he was born and raised, spending the last 39 years dedicated to his craft.

Bowler Performance Transmissions was established in 1963 as a small, family-owned transmission shop serving the local community. Mark joined the company in 1985 and was building transmissions by the tender age of 13. By 17, he was teaching the high school automotive class how to assemble transmissions, showcasing his exceptional skills and passion for the trade.

The company's breakthrough came in 1999 when they had the opportunity to build a transmission for Troy Trepanier of Rad Rides by Troy. Troy has been a loyal supporter ever since, helping to spread the word about the company's exceptional customer service and quality transmissions.

In 2001, when the business was passed down from his father, Cline, Mark ensured that the quality and service remained unwavering. However, his passion for performance vehicles propelled the customer base to new heights, transforming the company into the industry leader it is today. Mark believes that the company's success is directly tied to its customers, and therefore, they focus on attracting the best clients who allow them to deliver their finest work.The mission has always been to build lasting relationships, not just products. Mark believes that the same attention to detail that goes into building the perfect vehicle should also apply to its "driving force" – the transmission.

Mark is actively involved in the industry, serving on the SEMA HRIA Board, CEO Board, and Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce. He also owns and operates the Accelerate Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the automotive skilled labor force and providing opportunities for enthusiasts.

When asked about his favorite car or hot rod, Mark struggles to choose, citing the 1950 Buick, 1970 Torino, 1959 El Camino, 1991 Camaro, Porsche Turbo S, Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut, 1970 Camaro, and Aston Martin Valkyrie among his top picks.

The aspect of the industry he enjoys the most is the people and the shared passion for the automotive world, where everyone supports one another. An interesting fact about Mark is that he once held the world record for the fastest blindfolded transmission assembly, showcasing his exceptional skills and ability to build transmissions with his eyes closed – a true testament to his mastery of the craft.