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Ty Hauer

Show Representative / Sales Representative

Ty's love for hot rods began in his childhood, nurtured by his father's enthusiasm for the 1950s hot rod culture. Born and raised in Lakeville, Minnesota, Ty was surrounded by the warmth of his beautiful and kind mother, and the infectious energy of his hot rod-loving father.

After high school, Ty joined the United States Marine Corps, an experience that left a profound and lasting impact on his character and values. Upon completing his service, Ty met the love of his life, with whom he built a family of three amazing children. During his wife's first pregnancy, Ty's determination shone through as he juggled a full-time job at a machine shop and college studies, ultimately earning a Law Enforcement Degree from Normandale College.

Ty's career path took him from Minnesota to southern Indiana, courtesy of a job with Thermo King Corporation. He served as an instructor at the company's Corporate offices in Minnesota for three years, followed by a two-year stint as a Corporate Liaison in Salt Lake City, and eventually as a District Service Manager in Kokomo, Indiana, overseeing operations across five states and part of Canada. After years of persistence, one of the dealers persuaded Ty to become a General Manager at their facility in
Evansville, Indiana. It was here that Ty's passion for hot rods reignited, as he began working on projects for locals and crossed paths with Bret Voelkle, the founder of AirRide Technologies, now known as Ridetech.

Bret initially invited Ty to build cars for him, but their collaboration quickly evolved into something much more significant. It was during this time that Ty first met the company's beloved leader, Mark, whom he couldn't help but admire and respect. In Ty's own words, "You can't help but fall in love with that guy!" When Ty started at Ridetech, he was building a '38 Chevy for himself, and Bret advised him to source the transmission from Bowler, a decision that has paid off with flawless performance over the years. After six years at Ridetech, a hot rod shop in Evansville offered Ty the opportunity to manage their shop and elevate their game, a challenge he embraced for the next eight years.

Five years ago, Ty ventured out on his own, but his connection with Bowler remained strong. A few years back, Mark reached out to Ty, asking if he would be available to assist with pulling the display trailer to shows and working events alongside the Bowler team. Ty's response was an emphatic yes, driven by his deep respect for Mark. As Ty reflects on his journey, he acknowledges that the best part of the industry lies in the
people, and some of the finest individuals he has encountered are the Bowlers themselves.