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Automatic transmission cooler line manifold for the 6L80E & 6R80 6-speeds

Automatic transmission cooler line manifold for the 6L80E & 6R80 6-speeds

It's been 10 years now since GM and Ford released their 6 speed automatic transmissions and they are gaining more and more popularity for use in custom applications. The engines and transmission combinations are easily found in most salvage yards and online to make going that route relatively simple and affordable. Although these 6 speed automatics can be challenging to get up and running due to programming complexities, there are several companies that can calibrate your TCM to work with the engine and new vehicle you're transplanting everything into. Another challenge you may run into is routing the cooler lines for the transmission. The new design of these transmissions eliminated the old thread in style cooler fitting for a slip in style set up that attached a pre-bent line system in OE applications. In most of the custom applications these pre-bent lines are far from being correct and can pose some challenges in adapting to a flexible or custom bent line option. One way we've worked to overcome this challenge is to develop a cooler line manifold that allows you to easily attach a standard AN style fitting. This then gives you limitless options for running a new flexible or custom bent hard-line solution.

The GM 6L80E, 6L90E, 8L90E, and 10L90E all use the same type of line connection on the case which makes it easy for us to supply you with an option to convert over to a custom made cooler line. The manifold is equipped with male -6AN fittings and includes the bolt and gasket you need to secure it to the transmission.

The GM manifolds are available in clear or black anodize finish and priced at $70 ea. We also have a limited supply of blemished manifolds that got dinged up during shipping from the anodizer. They still work, but just aren't as pretty, but at half the price, why worry about it?

The Ford 6R80 manifold is a little different set up and uses a -8AN male connection fitting to closely match the factory Ford cooler line size and flow characteristics.

Priced at $95 ea. They are equipped with their own double O-ring seal on each port, but unfortunately we do not have any of these in a blem finish special right now.