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New Tremec TKO Mid shift options

New Tremec TKO Mid shift options

If you've been following along with us for any amount of time you've probably noticed that we're not content with just leaving things as they are, and such is the case with the shifter mechanisms on the Tremec transmissions. Tremec supplies a great shifter that gets the job done, but in some cases you may need something a little different that just isn't achievable with what comes standard on the transmission. A few years ago we released our line of Night Stick shifters to help overcome some of the challenges with shift lever placement in cars and trucks that need a different location than what is factory supplied. We've now further expanded our offering on the Night Stick line to include some new mid shift options for the Tremec TKO and Magnum.

Pictured above is the Mid Shift with a 2" offset arm attached, then clocked in diagonal position. The offset adapter has the ability to rotate 360* around center in 45* increments. The shift lever attachment stub also allows for an additional 360* rotation so you can always find the most comfortable shift position.

With 3 offsets available you can usually find one that will work perfectly for your needs. We have a 1" with 1/2" offset, 1" straight, and 2" straight avaialable.

The standard TKO midshift conversion works great for many Street Rod and bench seat applications in trucks. This gets the shift position at 19" from the engine block.

Throughout the entire line of our NightStick shifters we offer the offsets for the rear shift position as well. These work great for factory console applications in a lot of the 60's era muscle cars that were factory equipped with a Muncie. These offsets allow the shift lever to rise through the console opening for a factory look with an updated overdrive.