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Bowler Performance's GM F-Body Master Cylinder Kit: Precise and Reliable

Bowler Performance's GM F-Body Master Cylinder Kit: Precise and Reliable

The Chevrolet Camaro, and sister car, Pontiac Firebird are some of the most widely recognized body styles in the world. The Pro-Touring world pretty much revolves around the first generation Camaro with the second generation coming in right at its heels. When Bowler Performance first embarked on our journey into the Tremec 5 & 6 speed transmission conversions, we knew right away we would have to focus on creating an extensive list of supporting components geared specifically for the Camaro/Firebird platform. Over the past few years we’ve developed an array of model specific parts to complement the conversion to an overdrive manual transmission.

1967 Chevrolet Camaro

If you’re one of those guys that are willing to make the necessary modifications to fit the manual transmission of your choice into your car, you will probably also want to swap over to a hydraulic clutch set up as well. This is especially true when installing one of the Tremec T56 Magnum 6 speeds, but likely the best solution for any new manual with overdrive swap. The original mechanical linkage systems typically get in the way of ideal exhaust routing, and more than likely are worn out and in need of replacement anyway.

T-56 Magnum Ford 6 Speed

When looking at the different options in hydraulic master cylinder systems for your GM F-Body car you will see several different set ups available in the market today. Keep a close eye on exactly how each is set up as there are some very distinct differences between them. We prefer to use a model specific type of set up rather than a universal style mounting system to achieve the correct alignment for piston rod engagement as well as optimal pedal ratio and feel.

The Bowler Performance GM F-Body master cylinder kit comes equipped with a top of the line Tilton 7/8” bore master cylinder along with the option of standard plastic or upgraded billet aluminum fluid reservoir. The kit is sent with all the necessary mounting hardware, stainless connection line, and fittings you will need to connect to the hydraulic bearing or slave cylinder of your choice.

Bowler F-Body Hydraulic

We prefer to use the Tilton 6000 series hydraulic release bearing in conjunction with our master cylinder kit for its reliability and ease of set up, but it will work with many of the other brands out there. If you’re ready for the most complete and precise hydraulic master cylinder kit for your GM F-Body transmission conversion give us a call or click the link below.