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Bowler Transmissions Shift Knobs: Which Style is Right for You?

Bowler Transmissions Shift Knobs: Which Style is Right for You?

There is something about our cars that feels like an extension of ourselves. We use them as a way to express our own personal style in the same way we dress ourselves. It is often a reflection of our personality, and maybe even a little of who we really want to be, when we can’t be ourselves.

matte, polished, gloss black anodized, and gloss white shift knobs

I’ve met many guys that are starched white button-down by day and dirty white crew neck once you stick them behind the wheel of a hot rod. We paint them our favorite colors, set the ride height for the stance we like, add as much horsepower as our own personal thrill meter will handle, and deck out the interiors to reflect our refined personality or lack of taste altogether.

There is always one area of the car that will usually stick out above all else. The shift knob! I’ve seen more folks stress over the perfect shift knob to put that final touch on their ride than whether or not the brakes work. It doesn’t matter if you have a roached out rat rod or Ridler award winner, the shift knob will make or break it. It needs to either blend in seamlessly with the rest of the design or jump out and grab you by the throat and steal your wallet. Whatever your preference, there are enough options available today that you’ll find what you’re looking for.

satin black anodized - satin grey anodized - raw aluminum shift knobs

In the Pro Touring movement there has been a steady shift to a more machined and industrial look to the designs. Many of the top award winning cars of the past few years have been modern takes on classic designs. Meshing the two styles together has given us some amazing cars that perform as well as they look.

Here at Bowler Performance we’ve designed a series of shift knobs that take a more minimalistic approach to style. Think of it as minimalist industrial, with subtle color variations, sleek elegant lines, and a focus on speed even when it’s not in motion. We’ve released several lines of shift knobs, levers, and bezels that will compliment even the most discerning tastes.


The solid shift knob is a reflection of the past that was brought to the present. Its solid aluminum construction lets you know that even though it is cold to the touch it will bring back warm memories of yesteryear when a visible shift pattern meant business. There is also a new slight variation to the solid knob that incorporates horizontal machined lines to give an already bold statement that little extra flair.

A way of saying, I’ll beat you in a drag race, but I won’t take your pink slip. If you’re more of a “take no prisoners” type of person then you’ll want to look at the multi-hole lightweight shift knob. We’ve stripped out the guts and given you a knob that shifts as quick as it looks.

shift levers

Once you’ve got the knob sorted out you can pair it up with one of our lever designs that compliment all 3 styles very well. Available in 3 different lengths and various color choices you’ll easily find a combination that defines who you are and lets everyone else know you’re serious about your driving. Finally there is the “coup de gras” our billet and leather shift bezel.

When you’re serious about your style and a vinyl boot with a chrome ring just isn’t going to get the job done, we’ve got what you need. Our shift bezel combined with one of our levers and the perfect knob to top it off will create the trifecta your transmission was born to run with. You’ll have no need for a fancy console with that combination, as it will stand on its own, ready to take down the next victim.