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Bowler's Camaro Transmission Tunnel for Your T-56 Magnum Conversion

Bowler's Camaro Transmission Tunnel for Your T-56 Magnum Conversion

The 1967-69 Chevrolet Camaro, and sister car, Pontiac Firebird are some of the most popular cars for a Pro-Touring style build. Today you can buy a reproduction of nearly every part it takes to build one of these iconic muscle cars. With all the options available to create a car to suit your design or driving style it’s no wonder that everywhere you turn there’s another Camaro. The popularity of the LS and Tremec T56 Magnum swaps into these cars has created a sub-market of products geared towards just the powertrain aspect of these builds.

1969 Chevrolet Camaro G-Code by Ringbrothers

Bowler Performance dove headfirst into the Camaro world when we first started providing Tremec conversion packages and right away we saw a need for a quality transmission tunnel patch. If you’re going the Tremec TKO 5-speed route this isn’t much of an issue, as that transmission will fit without modifications, but the T56 Magnum will require a little bit of surgery.

The tunnel patch we created will allow for the needed room required to fit the 6-speed and gain the correct driveline angles. Each tunnel patch is hand formed out of 18ga. steel and bead rolled to replicate the original design for a finished look that matches what the factory had designed. This then gives you the ability to still utilize a factory console if you wish.

Bowler 1967-1969 Camaro T-56 Magnum Transmission Tunnel

This tunnel patch is formed as 2 separate parts to further give you the flexibility you need to finish off the installation correctly. The main part of the tunnel patch gives you the needed material to re-cover the area where the transmission sits, and the front piece gives you the material needed to patch back in the firewall that gets cut in many of the LS conversions.

The beauty of this tunnel patch is that it not only works for these T56 Magnum conversions, but for any first generation Camaro/Firebird that needs a quality tunnel replacement. I’ve seen many of these cars that have been neglected and abused over the years, patched with road signs or license plates to cover up hack job Muncie installations. Don’t be that guy! Do yourself and your car a favor and invest in a quality part that fits like it should and looks great in the end. You can order one of our tunnel patches direct over the phone or order online by clicking below.